A vision of hope for Web3 gaming
We are a collective of gamers who believe that Web3 gaming has the power to liberate and generate new forms of value
Towards the future of blockchain gaming

We aim to be the premier nexus for assets, knowledge, and lives in GameFi, to bridge generations between now and new, and to transform what it means to participate in Web3.

Three pillars
guide our growth
Increase GameFi awareness and interest via educational and entertaining content
Increase GameFi ease of participation by streamlining processes and tearing down barriers of participation
Increase GameFi trust and reliability by introducing transparency and communal curation
We think beyond the visible

The Promisphere team holds extensive experience in Gaming, Platform Building, Tech & Crypto programming, and Finance across industries.

We are united by a shared passion for building the future and the critical-mindedness to sieve good from bad and opportunity from pitfalls. We strive for a better, more sustainable, advent of Web3 gaming.

Stanley Chia
CEO & Co-Founder

Born gamer, grown entrepreneur. I love bringing ideas to life & connecting people.

  • Ex-CEO / founder of F&B platform w >600 merchant partners and ranked #10 on Appstore at its prime
  • Serial entrepreneur w experience across sales, marketing, and BD
  • Founder / guildmaster of one of the largest guilds in GW2
Wai Chung
Co-founder & CTO

I buidl fast. Currently in web4.

  • Seasoned builder who has helped many early ventures scale from 0-1.
  • Early contributor to the SSI space, leading to founding of several companies under the Temasek.
  • Prior engagements with NextID, Three Arrows, DBS, & Temasek
  • Willing, pro-bono, mentor for those stuck in between.
Co-Founder & Strategy Advisor

Senile Grandpa meets web3.

  • President's Graduate Scholar for PhD in Business Strategy
  • 2 published case studies on Harvard University’s case platform
  • Management Associate Alumnus from Standard Chartered Bank
  • Freelance consultant w engagements including national hospitals
Yovie Liu
Co-Founder & Chief Commerical Officer

Fashionista, True Degen in Crypto and Gamefi believer.

  • Ex-BD lead for Singapore branch of a crypto exchange
  • Acquired multiple listings and millions in revenue growth.
  • Self-starter who actively researched and invested in Crypto since 2018.
Angelo Salvador
Co-founder & Guild Operations

Thinks more than he forgets.

  • Software Engineer w ~10yrs of experience across development lifecycle.
  • Prior experiences at Accenture, IBM, HKSAR government.
  • Technical & ground experience leading teams in games and work.
Jiang Hao Yu
Co-founder & Advisor

My money is where my mouth is. LOL.

  • Director of small scale VC firm
  • >5 years of managerial, sales, account management, in the Shipping Services industry
  • Dealmaker w experience in China and Indonesia
  • Avid gamer with top leader positions in WoW and Dota 2
Wei Lin Chin

Trained as a lawyer working as corporate zombie

  • Head of Strategy & Business Management at Navigator Investment Services
  • Previously Executive Director, Group Strategy & Planning at DBS Bank
  • 5 Years of experience as a litigator
HQ Han

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

  • Ecosystem Development & Asia Growth Lead at Protocol Labs (Filecoin/IPFS)
  • Previous co-founder of Web3 startups in both the decentralised identity & supply chain space
Yong Shen

Buying NFT high and selling low is what I do. Only in for the tech and art

  • 10+ years of experience in commodities management, trading, sales, and logistics planning
  • GM at Henry Bath, a founding member of the London Metal Exchange
  • Collaborator and partner for blockchain technology development projects in the commodity trade space – Forcefield, MatterSphere.
Product Team
Khoa Tran
Senior Software Engineer
I love working, learning new things for the real deal.
Ashutosh Singh
Engineer Intern
I love building things and football
Rahul Gupta
Engineer Intern
I am a turtle because my CTO forgot about me
Moe Thu
Engineer Intern
I have professionally stackoverflowed into the metaverse
Stephen Lim
Senior UIUX Designer
I am STRONG, nuff said. 1v1 solo mid
UIUX Designer
On my way to becoming strong.
Marketing & Partnerships
Jared Hoon
Partnerships Lead (SG)
I am the AMA Master that's passionate about Fitness, Web3, Gaming, and Learning.
Aer Francisco
Partnerships Lead (PH)
I love farming virtual items. Gaming and Design.
Eugene Ling
Brand Consultant
I'm a Creative Director building the next wave of brands for the internet, sounds serious.
Chayse Aw
Production Lead
I bieleev treu ceartvity cmoes fomr divergnte thniknig.
Streaming Lead
I am not real, if you're reading this, send help.
Jan Mairo Gacuray
Video Editor
I dedicated my life to youtube and memes hence I force myself to learn to edit stuff :3 #NFTs
Kathlene Mendoza
Graphic Designer
I'm a Professional Dota2 Female player. Loves to edit and eat samgyupsal.
Angelo Montefalcon
Business Development
Biceps for lunch, triceps for dinner
Admin & Operations
Shawna Chia
HR and Accounting Executive
I am social anxiety. m in pain. stay in your lane.
"Astral Beaver"
Space traveler
I used to like nuts, now I love them..
"Astral Hamster"
Space traveler
I like random jpegs and nuts. NFT Collab Master
Calvin Yeap
Treasury Manager
Web3.0 Eminem, Used to be Luna, now Eth.
Jaryl Chow
Asset Manager Lead (SG)
I am a Panda in a human form. Loves Ice cream, games and food.
Arvindra Sunda
Game Coach
I am a Professional Dota2 coach, P2E enthusiast, hopeless in life.
Adams Hiroshi Mabato
Community Lead
I live to eat. The shifu of Goodwill. A Streamer waiting for Mr Beast to donate 10,000 Burgers.
Diana Licup
Community Lead
I've been to hell and back, and back to hell…and back. But 11/10 would work in HY's house again
Chief Morale Office
Food, attention, random pooping
Streamer Partners
Agustin Ace - N1tsuga
Partnered Streamer
Partnered Streamer
Jean Paul - Jap24
Partnered Streamer
Erika Ilar - Akimaru
Partnered Streamer
Partnered Streamer